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Due to the recent economic crunch that we're all still licking our wounds from, many people online are searching for ways to earn extra income. After all, every little bit of extra cash in our pocket can help us out, so why not do everything you can to make sure you're getting the most money possible? Many people are unsure as to whether or not you can make money by uploading files, so I hope this article will clear it up.

make money with downloads

It is definitely possible to make money uploading things online. The method is so simple that anyone can do it. First you must sign up with a free online web host; Uploading is my favorite as it allows for FTP direct connecting which results in much higher uploading rates. It also offers a very reasonable payout rate which is $10 per 1,000 downloads of files a certain size and over. For more specific information on the uploading payout rates you should consult their FAQ on their web site.

get paid for uploading

Once you're signed up with a specific web host, you'll want to begin uploading files and spreading them around online forums and sites which get a bunch of traffic each month. The more popular your files are the more downloads they are likely to get per month. Additionally, the newer and rarer your finals are will result in more downloads as well. It is best to try and be the first one on any given forum or site to have a download link so a certain file.

The larger your stable of download links is, the more money you will make. It is possible to make a decent bit of fairly passive of income each month with this method, provided you are signed up with the right host and are up to date on new files that people want, such as music, videos, and programs, etc. To make the most money by uploading files, simply post your links in the proper traffic hot spots and stay current with the files you're uploading.

make money with Uploads